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At PHENOM, we represent the world’s most talented athletes and coaches in baseball.

Nook Logan

Nook Logan
The fastest player in baseball


We are a family here at PHENOM.  Your interests are our interests, and we work tirelessly to generate and secure opportunities for our clients, both on and off the field.  Such opportunities include professional and business opportunities in the areas of player contracts, coaching contracts, endorsements, licensing deals, speaking engagements, video game deals, Internet deals, and philanthropy, among others.

PHENOM doesn’t represent just anyone.  We don’t have to.  We are selective and careful, and we only pursue representation relationships with individuals who share our values, which include honesty, integrity, professionalism, loyalty, relentlessness, and quite frankly kicking ass.

Once we determine that you fit into our family at PHENOM, we embrace you, the client, and your family.  We treat you as we would treat our own family, and we work unrelentingly to take care of you.  Your future and security, and that of your family, are at stake, and we are here to guide and drive you to greatness – personally, professionally, and financially.

It is in that light that we, at PHENOM, analyze your personal, professional, and economic desires, and we generate opportunities, create bargaining power, and expand your business potential by leveraging your talents, highlighting your skills, and cultivating your cross-market appeal.